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Advantages of transportation service

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Core service items
A means of transport based on passenger trains

Relying on the carrier of passenger trains, all-weather service advantage;

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The railway transport

Railway freight transport is one of the main modes of modern transport, and it is also the two basic transport parties .

The national highway

Road transport. It refers to the mode of transport that takes road as the transport route and USES road transport means such as automobile to make.

Inland water transport

Operating coastal and Yangtze river inland trade container liner transport, large-scale project transport...

Air transport

Important means of long-distance passenger transport; It is indispensable for the transportation of valuables,.

Introduction to transport services

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We take "environmental protection, make the future healthier" as our own responsibility, baoyou group is now committed to the destruction of the field of clothing destruction, food destruction, cosmetics destruction, industrial waste disposal, general product scrap disposal 

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